A collection of books

Book Collection

Library materials of Trakošćan Castle is an important indicator of the long and the rich history and culture of Draskovic family. Reconstruction of the castle Trakošćan in the second half of the 19th century in part of high ground occurs royal library, space, modeled by Renaissance palace where the owner had his study "Studiolo". The library is fully equipped with a neo-Renaissance furniture and today it contains books from the estate of Draskovic.

From total number of library holdings occupy most of the books in German (63%) the French (35%) and the others are in English, Latin, Croatian, Hungarian and Italian languages. Most books dating from the 19th century only a small number of the from the 18th and early 20th century represented many areas most have fiction. Also, some examples have the seal of the owner or handwritten first and last name of one of the family members of Draskovic. The oldest book Manuductio animae ad coleum sive cura innocentiae originates from 1725 from the 18th century should mention the Bible from the 1747th, the publisher Georg J. Lochner, Nuremberg-Frankfurt a large format and the written in Gothic script. It also has a well-known writers such as Schiller Goethe, Heine, Shakespeare Dickens Scott Dumas, and others. There have been preserved sets of popular novels from the 19th century, historical science and politics are represented in quite a number of volumes, then there are books in the field of culture and art. There have been preserved different books on agriculture, animal husbandry, hunting, photography, medicine, law, cooking, and then there are travel guides, catalogs, sheet music, etc. Magazines are also significantly present (519 numbers), most of which belong to Meyersov conversational lexicon. From other periodicals should mention: Allgemeine Theatarzeitung Deutsche Rundschau Algemeine Illustrierte Zeitung, Die Woche, etc.

Literary fortune of the castle Trakošćan shows the general level of society, the state of spiritual and material environment in the daily life of one of its stratums. Books are mostly written in German and French because these languages ​​are obviously meant Drašković true relationship with Europe, but at the same time an indication of their education and culture.