Furniture Collection

Zbirka namještaja

The collection includes nearly three hundred items, most of which consists of pieces of furniture in the narrow sense (chairs, tables, closets, beds, cabinets, chairs, etc..), while the upper part consists of prefabricated door decorations, easel, curtain rods and more.

The most common is furniture from the late 19th century, because then after restoration approaches furnishing rooms inventory modeled after historical styles. Furniture of this period, the architecture itself, plays an important role in establishing the aesthetic concepts and essential role in the formation of the interior of the castle. So to this day preserved historicist sets modeled after Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, which constitute most of the equipment from ground and first floor. A special feature is the existence of secular furniture of the same style in a single facility. Furniture from period of historicism in the castle Trakošćan is distributed in accordance with its function, the assumption look of 19th century and not in chronological order. Making historicist furniture in the castle Trakošćan was under Austrian and German influence and production is entrusted to skilled craftsmen and with high quality.

On the first floor is clearly evoking the salon atmosphere of the late 19th century, and this comes to the fore the fact that the furniture is made ​​out by the defined order of the owner. So some pieces carry coat of arms of Draskovic family, while in the dining room and the built-in corner cabinets. The furniture of the first half of the 20th century, there is little used in furnishing and the very poorly maintained.

A considerable number of pieces of furniture from the previous periods has enabled the creation of separate spaces in the historical sequence. So today, on the second floor are presented periods of Baroque, Rococo, Classicism and Biedermeier and the last neo-Renaissance room. With a well-preserved historicist whole should highlight the desk and mirror from the 18th century, chests and the cabinets closets from 17th century, while the dresser from the 16th century is the oldest piece in the collection.

Furniture has an important place in the permanent collection of the museum Trakošćan, indispensable in the formation of the interior. Its function is twofold: as presented matter - exhibit, and as an integral part of the environment constitutes a whole with the area of the castle.