Collection of paintings and prints

Zbirka slika i grafika

Collection of paintings and prints of Trakoscan castle today has over 200 oil paintings and twenty prints. The largest number of paintings are portraits, commissioned and painted during the period from the late 16th until the early 20th century. The minority are represented landscapes, allegories and scenes of religious themes.

Family portraits created in the first period of the rise of the family are painted using the tastes of portrait painting in Central Europe. These works are by unknown artists. In the second period at a time when the head of the family was John V. (1669 to 1733), was created a gallery of twenty oval portraits of members of the family, the royal family military leaders and the prominent political figures. Their authors are also unknown, but were very high-quality artists. In the third period at the time of Joseph Casimir (1716-1765) was created gallery of portraits of forty officers from Draskovic regiment. They were also painted the members of his family, painted a room with wallpaper in the castle, and as a gift in Trakošćan came a small family genealogy. At the time of John V. and Joseph Casimir have been procured the paintings of sacred and secular content (among them are particularly interesting two allegorical compositions). In the 19th century by order are painted portraits of family members whose authors are eminent Austrian and Hungarian painters (J.G. Donat, Schrotzberg Franz, Anton Einsle). Then he also commissioned a series of four acts (Europe, Asia, Africa, America) whose author is Slovenian painter Mihael Stroy who worked in Zagreb at mid 19th century.  At the time of John IX. (1844-1910), and his wife Juliana R. Erdödy (1847-1901) painter house is enriched by numerous original works and the copies of great paintings from the collection of Liechtenstein from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna as well as the works of her closely painters (J. Till, H. Girardet, I.K. Aiwasoffskij). Since the death of Juliana Draskovic until the end of the second World War II seems to be no significant painting purchasing. Few graphics that are kept in the collection are of decorative character. From valuable sheets certainly among them should be mentioned a Piranesy sheet.

Collection of paintings and graphics of Trakoscan castle is very valuable historical - artistic whole, inexhaustible source of further studies related to the aristocratic life in northwestern Croatia throughout the centuries.