Collection of photographs

Zbirka fotografija

In the early period of Croatian photography Draskovic family gave two prominent members: photography pioneer George VI. Draskovic and Karlo (Charles) Draskovic. Two albums that are kept in the Museum of Arts and Crafts confirm George as the author of our earliest surviving photographic oeuvre, and his great-nephew Charles with his artistic achievements rises photography to the European level. He is considered as one of the pioneers of art photography in Croatia and major Croatian amateur photographer of 19th century. He achieved the ultimate visual and technical excellence of photography and was admitted to membership of one of the most prestigious European Photo Club WienerCameraClub. From the period of 1894-1899. in trakoscan collection is preserved about 700 of his images (positives, negatives, slides). Karlo's photos feature thoughtfully executed composition, framing, and the play of light and shadow, which achieved excellent visual quality. Unlike many photographers of that time he is not worked on any subsequent intervention. He owned nine cameras, including two stereo and a torque-camera.

Except the motives from his own properties (Trakoscan Sellye) and the estates of other nobles, there were also preserved photographic note about Karlo's trip to Dubrovnik and its hinterland, Kvarner, Budapest, Vienna, the Alps and elsewhere. He photographed people (family members, friends, villagers, passers-by) in casual or formal portrait poses, or in dealing with some of the activities (hunting, cycling, fair, carriage rides, works on the farm) there are representations of animals (horses, dogs, poultry ), landscapes, architecture and other motives. From this numerical fundus is especially important stop-motion footage (rebound) and naturalistic portraits of people at the margins, which Croatian photography is shifting towards social issues. The author of a small number of images is Karlo's mother painter Juliana Erdődy Draskovic and probably uncles Stephen and Rudolf Erdődy. A smaller part of the collection includes photographs by unknown authors.

The collection includes about 150 photographs made ​​in the professional photographic workshops, these are individual and group portraits, most of the shots covers the period from seventies and eighties of the 19th century. When traveling Draškovići often visited the famous ateliers, thus he created a visual chronicle of Juliana and John Draskovic family. They also collected portraits of relatives and friends. Photographic records were made in many well-known photographic workshops: Angerer, Löwy, Adele in Vienna; Mayer, Alker, Elinger in Budapest; Kozics in Bratislava then in Paris, Berlin, Venice, Zagreb, Opatija and in other cities.

A collection of photos of the castle Trakošćan is a valuable artistic whole, and has a great documentary significance. George and Charles Draskovic ranked Trakošćan in focus of Croatian photography 19th century, and is in the new part of the permanent exhibition one room dedicated to them as a photographers. This collection is evidence of the past time, from it we can read snippets of everyday life of the past period.