Weapon Collection

Zbirka oružja

Collection of weapons has about 300 specimens of weapons and protective equipment or their parts produced in the period from 15th until the early 20th century. Today it is difficult to judge which of which came from the time when the castle was a fortress, and who were subsequently acquired for royal decoration. Nevertheless, the value of the collection is unquestionable, and by its typology and content it accompanies military background of Draskovic family.

Cold weapons and the protective equipment includes about 230 copies, while firearm about 70 copies. Among these instances we must highlight three swords dvoručnjaka German production from the 16th century, and a special group of twenty swords Schiavone one of the largest in the Croatia. Rifles and some earlier cannons may belong to the original defense system of fort Trakošćan from the 15th and 16th century, just as the helmets and armor parts could be remnants of the original equipment of Trakošćan crew members from the 17th century.

Cannons with coat of arms of Draskovic family we associate with participation in battles against Napoleon, so from that time might originate as the spoils of war and the French swords Palos. It is extremely large and diverse group of weapons on a pole (63 copies) - some of its specimens were used as a weapon in the war, and others have been status label of their holders. Also assume that the group hunting rifles could be part of the original inventory of hunting gear of Draskovic family. Copies of two armadillo-style from 16th century have been purchased as decoration for reviving and the illustrating chivalrous past of Draskovic family and the castle Trakošćan.

The collection of weapons is extremely valuable entity that gives us the historical overview of cold steel and firearms and the equipment from the 15th to the end of the 19th century.